Satellite Communications Hardware

Av-Comm’s exclusive and vendor-agnostic range of Satcom Hardware products, are exported to customers around the world. Specialising in Satellite Dishes, LNBs, BUCs, Modems, Frequency Converters, Spectrum Analysers & Test Equipment, Mounting Accessories and more.
Supplying the Space Industry
Our carefully nurtured relationships with a broad range of suppliers allows us to offer a premium selection of Satcom Hardware products at globally competitive prices. Our vendor-agnostic approach enables Av-Comm to supply the Space Industry with everything from modems to modulators and anything else in between.
Global Reach
Av-Comm specialises in the global exportation of Satellite Hardware, sourced and designed to ensure our customers communications needs are met, whatever the demand may be.
Broad Product Ranges
Our Broad Range of Products Include: – Satellite dishes and Antennas, – BUCs, SSPA/Bs & TWTAs, – LNBs, LNA & Feedhorns, – Antenna Mounting Solutions, – Satellite Modems, Modulators & Demodulators, + many more
Agile Options
Our large supplier base means our customers never go without a solution to their requirements. We will always be able to find the right piece of hardware for your project. Remaining vendor-agnostic means we can stay agile and nimble, always putting our customers first and ensuring they get the best solution in the swiftest time possible.
Premium Advice
Av-Comm’s wealth of technical knowledge, amassed over thousands of jobs over the past 4 decades, means that we are perfectly positioned to offer the best pieces of technical advice. Our database of user manuals, blueprints, data sheets, and expert knowledge enable our customers to have unmatched insights into their projects.
Why Choose Av-Comm for Satellite Communications Hardware?
Expertise and Experience
Unparalleled experience in providing the products best suited for your projects.
Rapid Response
Fast and efficient advice to get your project back on track.
Global Reach
Our large suppliers list gives you the luxury of choice.
Quality Assurance
We only supply the best quality hardware, keeping your networks online at all times.

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