Our journey

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence

Av-Comm’s origin stems from the aerospace industry with the company name originally standing for Aviation Communications, reflecting our first product, a low fuel warning system for Bell Jet Ranger helicopters developed by our founder Garry Cratt.
The businesses focus shifted when Garry’s hobby of Amateur Radio grew into the emerging technology of satellite television. Av-Comm then followed a natural progression into Broadcast Media, followed by Satellite Internet services, and now building, operating, and sustaining Satellite Ground Station infrastructure throughout the world.


Av-Comm is founded

Av-Comm Space and Defence specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of optical and RF ground segment solutions for Space and Astronomy applications. Since 1981, Av-Comm Space and Defence has forged a reputation as Australia’s most trusted sovereign ground segment provider.


Sydney Ground Station and Data Centre established

The establishment of the Sydney Ground Station and Data Centre marked a significant milestone in expanding Av-Comm’s capabilities in providing robust and reliable communication infrastructure.


Av-Comm acquire Step Electronics

STEP Electronics is the premier provider of satellite communications hardware, equipment, and installation solutions for the commercial space industry throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. STEP Electronics serves the broadcast, telecommunications and government markets.


Av-Comm Group formed and SkyTel established

SkyTel is a licensed telecommunications service provider specialising in the use of satellites to connect people, places, and things to the internet. We take a diagnostic approach to solutions enriched by technology and an agnostic approach to satellite operators and orbits.


Av-Comm acquire R G Systems

R G Systems specialises in the design, construction, and commissioning of large satellite ground stations for defence and government clients globally.


Expansion of Facilities – Brookvale Engineering Hub and North Sydney Defence Office

This expansion signifies Av-Comm’s continued growth and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and support to our clients.

Core Values Driving Av-Comm

Evolving from Satellite Television to Broadcast Media, Satellite Internet services, and now building and maintaining ground segment infrastructure across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, Av-Comm is known for innovation, resourcefulness, reliability, and collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

Av-Comm Space and Defence strives for excellence across Defence, Government, Academia, Astronomy, Civilian Space, Broadcast, Media, and Telecommunications sectors, showcasing Australian ingenuity with tailored ground stations for each customer.

Star Gazers

There are no limits to our creativity. We encourage our people to think openly and put forward ideas.

True to our word

Our foundation is built on honesty and integrity.


We boldly explore new markets, always seeking innovative solutions to enhance our services.

Leave no-one behind

We support each other to achieve our goals, fostering a positive team culture.

Boots on the ground

We thrive in all environments, getting hands-on and providing local expertise to directly support our customers.

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