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Av-Comm’s technical team is driven to find innovative and smart solutions in all stages of a ground system integration. From design to installation, our team looks to introduce new technologies, tools, and methods to the projects we build.
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Ground Segment Field Services

Comprehensive on-site support for satellite operations and ground station integration.

Project Management

Efficiently planning, overseeing, and executing projects to achieve organisational goals within scope, time, and budget constraints across the space and defence industry.

Systems Engineering

Integrating complex systems with a multidisciplinary approach to ensure successful design, implementation, and operation.

Civil & Earth Works Intergration

Efficiently Coordinating Construction and Geotechnical Engineering Activities.

Australia’s longest standing ground segment experts
Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Ensuring your satellite ground station remains operational and effective with authorised maintenance services.

Rapid Response and Support

Quick deployment of our team to restore and recover your satellite ground station in the face of unexpected circumstances.

A vendor agnostic solution for rapid spares and equipment

Access to necessary spares and other satellite communications equipment made easy through strong relationships with major manufacturers.

Specialist Training and Authorisation

Adherence to Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and ISO9001:2015 standards to minimise security risks.

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