Ground Sustainment

Our team of specialist field engineers have been trained to prescribe and provide preventative and corrective maintenance. When the unexpected occurs, Av-Comm will restore and recover your satellite ground station.
Our Key Offerings
Our ground segment offerings all come with a wealth of expert knowledge
Corrective and preventive maintenance
Regular inspections and servicing to prevent equipment failures.
Incident Response
Av-Comm’s Feild team rapid identification, assessment, and resolution of issues affecting ground station operations to ensure continuous and reliable communication.
Performance Analysis and reporting
Annually/ Biannually performance reviews and detailed reports to ensure optimal system operation.
Mid-Life Technology Refresh
Incorporate the latest technologies and extend operational longevity of your antenna system.
Why do I need to sustain my ground station?
Maximise Operational Efficiency
Ensuring ground station systems operate at peak performance to support critical missions without interruption.
Extend Equipment Lifespan
Regular maintenance and upgrades prevent premature failures, significantly prolonging the useful life of the equipment.
Enhanced Reliability
Consistent upkeep and monitoring ensure systems remain dependable and minimise unexpected downtimes.
Data Integrity and Security
Continuous updates and maintenance safeguard against cyber threats and ensure the integrity and security of transmitted data.

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