Ground Segment Field Services

Satellite Ground Stations are built to last. While reflector designs rarely change, the specialist electronic equipment that keeps them operational and effective is always evolving. Today’s electronics are more efficient, more accurate, and more precise. For a system to work well, you need accuracy and precision in equilibrium. In conjunction, a well-cleaned and well-maintained dish will provide your system with optimum performance.
You Pose the Challenge, We’ll Deliver the Solution
Av-Comm’s local Australian team of specialist field engineers have been trained and authorised by major ground station manufacturers to prescribe and provide preventative and corrective maintenance. Our close relationship with major manufacturers means our team can source and supply spare parts and tools at a moment’s notice. When the unexpected occurs, Av-Comm’s rapid-response team can be deployed to restore and recover your satellite ground station.
Preventative and Corrective Maintenance
Ensuring your satellite ground station remains operational and effective with authorised maintenance services.
Rapid Response and Support
Quick deployment of our team to restore and recover your satellite ground station in the face of unexpected issues.
Spare Parts and Tools Supply
Access to necessary spare parts and tools due to strong relationships with major manufacturers.
Specialist Training and Authorisation
Adherence to Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) and ISO9001:2015 standards to minimise security risks.
Why Choose Av-Comm?
With 40 years of practical field experience, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.
Our team is driven to find innovative and smart solutions to customer problems, introducing new technologies, tools, and methods to your projects.
We ensure projects are delivered efficiently, on-time, and on-budget, following industry best practices.
Our network of field engineers spans across Australia, the South Pacific, and New Zealand, ensuring rapid response, minimal travel time, and deep understanding of the geographical challenges.

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