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Av-Comm completes commissioning of SES MPower’s Australian Satellite Ground Stations

Av-Comm Space and Defence is excited to announce a recent achievement in its collaboration with Comtech (CGC Technology) and SES, a global leader in satellite-based connectivity solutions. The completion of the final of ten satelite ground station terminals marks the culmination of a two-year project that will enhance the way Australia connects and communicates domestically and internationally.

Av-Comm’s role in the construction of the next-generation SES mPOWER ground station antenna systems has been useful in cementing Australia’s technological capacity within the satellite industry. Spanning across both the East and West Australian coasts, the range of these antenna systems highlights to Av-Comm’s commitment to excellence in the Australian space sector.

The project has not only advanced Australia’s technological capability but has also had a global impact. Av-Comm erected antennas at two of the eight global SES gateway sites, strategically positioned to provide essential telemetry, tracking, and control (TT&C) support for the SES mPOWER satellite constellation. SES have been able to pave the way for reliable and consistent access to communications systems for remote industry and community partners, providing essential tools and means for socioeconomic development. With the O3b first becoming operational in 2013, the mPOWER satellite constellation has been a fundamental development in the progression of this project.

With the introduction of the mPOWER satellite constellation, SES has raised the bar, offering remote nations unprecedented control over their data.

Under the leadership of Mukhtar Takhatagnov, Av-Comm’s field technician team collaborated with key personnel to bring this project to fruition. By actively engaging local industry partners, Av-Comm has not only achieved a technological milestone but has also enriched the space industry landscape in Australia.

Av-Comm’s CEO, Michael Cratt, expressed his pride, stating, “Av-Comm’s work to deliver the ground stations in support of SES mPOWER has been a vital piece of the commercial satellite industry, and we are honoured to be a part of the SES mPOWER legacy.”

These state-of-the-art antenna systems are engineered to surpass industry standards, promising to support the new satellite constellation for an impressive 15 years and beyond. The end result of this effort is the promise of high-speed global satellite internet services, ushering in a new era of connectivity and opportunity for people around the world.

Av-Comm would like to thank our customers, CGC and SES for the opportunity to deliver this program.