wollongong radio upgrade

Wollongong Regional Radio Studio Upgrade – ABC

In October 2010 Av Comm completed the Wollongong regional radio upgrade project at the ABC’s Wollongong Radio studios. The Wollongong studios were moved to a standalone purpose built facility having previously occupied leased premises. The new facility included an engineered roof top platform where the dishes and antennas were installed safely.

The project consisted of the refurbishment of an existing 3.7m satellite dish installed at the ABC’s leased site, the dish had to be disassembled and transported by to Av Comm’s Brookvale (NSW) office to allow the dish to be sandblasted and repainted as part of the refurbishment. Interim dishes were installed to ensure satellite connectivity was maintained during the refurbishment.

Upon completion of the 3.7m dish refurbishment the Av Comm installation team travelled to Wollongong to install the 3.7m and new Prodelin 1252 Series 2.4m Satellite Dishes. In addition an off-air antenna farm and MATV system was installed to provide comprehensive off-air reception of AM, FM, GPS, DAB+, and Terrestrial Television.

Wollongong regional radio upgrade – ABC