media hub dish installation

Media Hub Installation of a Ku Band VSAT and TVRO Facility

In November 2009 Av-Comm was awarded the contract to provide the Media Hub installation of a Ku Band VSAT and TVRO facility for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s joint venture with WIN Television, Media Hub. The project brief stated the requirement for a single 3 metre Ku Band TVRO antenna with a Ku Band Multiple Feedhorn Assembly to allow simultaneous reception of both the Horizontal and Vertical polarities of the Optus D1 ,D2, D3 & C1 satellites. A 3.8m VSAT antenna and accompanying 100 Watt SSPA and remote head were also to be procured and commissioned allowing transmission to the ABC’s Optus D2 interchange.

The unique requirement for a 3 meter Ku Band multi-feed dish presented a challenge as there was no off the shelf solution available in Australia and only one company in the USA had a solution, which was not suitable. It was decided to engineer the multi-feed bracket in-house and have it machined locally. Again Av-Comm engaged a local business to help us initially design and build a prototype using computer software and CNC machine tooling. The prototype was tested at Av-Comm Head Office on the 3 meter dish which was been procured for the project and the results were promising, a few variations were made to the design and a second prototype was made.

The VSAT antenna solution was comprised of a Prodelin 1385 3.8m antenna and a MITEC 100watt SSPA with remote head. Av-Comm’s previous relationship with suppliers in the United States allowed the procurement of these items direct from the manufacturer. The system was constructed & commissioned in February 2010, testing began in March 2010 with ABC representatives present.

Overall the Media Hub project presented several challenges and Av-Comm’s history in providing unique system solutions gave the company a considerable advantage over its competitors. The project was completed to the satisfaction of the stakeholders including the ABC & Media Hub.

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