dish installation network 10

Installation of a C/Ku Band TVRO Satellite Dish Network Ten

In early 2008 Av-Comm completed the installation of a C/Ku Band TVRO satellite dish on behalf of Network 10, Sydney. Av-Comm was approached by Network 10 to investigate the design of a flexible satellite downlink system which could used to receive a variety of programming from around the world. Av-Comm met with the project stakeholders regarding which capabilities were most desired from the proposed system. This meeting revealed that Network 10 already had a large array of satellite dishes located at their Sydney office however these dishes were reserved for dedicated news services and what Network 10 was lacking was the itinerant capability to tune-in to news events as they happened.

It was decided that a 4.1m motorised dish fitted with a servo controlled C & Ku band feed assembly would be installed. Network 10 would be able to receive a majority of the free to air international news broadcasts using the C band capabilities of the system whilst also being able to use the Ku Band capabilities of the system to receive feeds from their own news teams out in the field reporting back using portable satellite uplinks.

The system consisted of a 4.1m AMS solid four piece polar mount antenna, 36” Thompson Saginaw actuator, Research Concepts 1500 Single Axis Controller & a 4 port C and Ku Band Motorised Feedhorn. All equipment was mounted on the roof and controlled by a serial data link in the master control control room several floors below.

C/Ku Band TVRO Satellite Dish Network Ten