High Throughput C Band Success for Tier 1 PNG ISP

In Q3 2018 Av-Comm’s teleport team established a significant trunk link for a PNG-based wholesale internet service provider (ISP) who required a high-availability, low-latency satellite internet solution. Av-Comm was approached to design a solution to overcome the unnecessary round-trip latency experienced with their existing provider landing in Hong Kong.

After careful analysis of the customer’s traffic flows it was identified that considerable latency savings could be achieved by landing traffic in Sydney resulting in an improved experience for the ISP’s customers. With this insight Av-Comm was able to offer the client a highly reliable and economic solution using Av-Comm’s C-band inclined orbit tracking knowledge to provide a minimum 100Mbps trunk satellite connection.

Av-Comm is proud to be providing satellite internet connectivity to Papua New Guinea via our Australia teleport facilities. We consider it a privilege to participate in facilitating reliable, secure, and optimised internet connectivity solutions to our clients and ultimately helping them remain competitive and delivery ubiquitous connectivity solutions.

Av-Comm’s Satcom Solutions

To ensure smooth day-to-day operations, many Australian-based businesses in the Pacific region rely on secure, high-availability satellite links to Australia’s East Coast where their essential business servers, SAP systems, and day-to-day internet services such as email and web browsing are based. However, they often face technological and financial challenges in achieving this business essential.

Av-Comm is a managed satellite services provider that operates and maintains a range of satellite communication systems for customers throughout the Pacific Islands. Our Sydney-based earth station is linked by dark fibre to Equinix’s Sydney data centres and offers unrivalled access for businesses whose internet traffic stems from servers based on the East Coast of Australia. Our architecture is optimised to provide our customers with secure, low-latency, and most importantly high-availability satellite communication links. Our rich relationships with satellite operators ensures our customers are afforded the most reliable and cost effective trunk links in the market.