C Band Satellite Uplink Project – Solomon Islands

In early July 2012 Av Comm completed a C Band satellite uplink project in the Solomon Islands. The earth station was constructed on behalf of Telekom Television (TTV) to enable the company to provide comprehensive broadcast coverage of the recent Oceanic Football Confederation Round and the Festival of the Pacific Arts hosted by the Solomon Islands.

Television footage was first transmitted by an IP encoded microwave link from Honiara’s main stadium back to the satellite earth station approximately 2 kilometres away. The signal was then uplinked to Intelsat 5 utilising Ericsson’s latest Voyager II DSNG modulator/encoder, signal were then downlinked at Television New Zealand’s (TVNZ) primary earth station in Auckland. The television footage was then distributed throughout the Pacific region for further editing and rebroadcast.

The project saw a major milestone for both companies as it is the first international earth station project undertaken by Av Comm whilst also providing TeleKom Television with the first permanent DVB-S broadcast link capable of reaching broadcast partners throughout the Pacific. Over the past 18 months Av Comm has forged a strong relationship with Television Telekom providing technical services and solution to bring online several new satellite downlink facilities.

Telekom Television Satellite Uplink Project