Andrew 6.5m Satellite Dish

Andrew 6.5m Ku Band Earth Station Decommissioning

In March 2015 Av-Comm completed another major project successfully decommissioning a 6.5m Ku Band earth station located at Prime Television studios in Wagga Wagga NSW.

The project consisted of the careful and meticulous disassembly of a 6.5m Andrew Tx/Rx and satellite dish. The dish was carefully disassembled into its major components with each nut, bolt, and washer documented, numbered, and catalogued to ensure the dish can be reassembled. Special attention was paid to the reflector panels packing them for transport in a specialised frame to maintain their shape.

The project was completed over a four day period with a majority of the work being carried out over the weekend to minimise disruption to the studios. The earth station was then transported to Sydney for storage and refurbishment with the dish to be redeployment for another project.

The project also provided an ideal opportunity to test out our new Av-Comm drone that was used to film the project. The drone safely reached altitudes of 350 feet during filming and is able to operate up to 800 metres from the operator.

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Andrew 6.5m Earth Station Decommissioning