Trusted by Global Industry-Leading Brands

  • Calian

    Calian is a trusted Canadian company providing innovative solutions in healthcare, IT, training, and engineering services. Since its establishment in 1982, Calian has been committed to delivering exceptional value and expertise to clients in both the public and private sectors. With a focus on meeting the evolving needs of its diverse clientele, Calian offers a wide range of services, including medical equipment maintenance, cybersecurity solutions, professional training, and engineering support for critical infrastructure projects.
  • (NISD) Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.

    NISD is a world-renowned RF engineering company based in Japan offering its extensive range of RF products globally. NISD is a vertically integrated company with its products designed and manufactured at its in-house facilities ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained. STEP Electronics is official distributor of NISD projects in the Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island region.
  • Thinkom

    ThinKom Solutions manufactures low-profile satellite broadband antennas engineered expressly for high-speed connectivity in the most harsh, remote and mobile environments. On a fuselage, in a backpack or mounted on a vehicle, ThinKom antennas enable satellite service providers to deliver reliable broadband to millions of users, while minimizing OpEx and maximizing efficiencies across the board. STEP Electronics is the authorised distributor for Thinkom in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.
  • Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

    The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is Australia’s national weather, climate, and water agency. It provides comprehensive weather forecasts, warnings, and climate information to protect life and property and support economic, environmental, and societal decision-making. BOM’s services include real-time weather updates, seasonal outlooks, and data on hydrology and oceanography, aiding in disaster preparedness and response, aviation, marine navigation, and agricultural planning.
  • SatixFy

    SatixFy innovative Digital Beamforming technology is the key to their Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Antenna Array product-line. Satixfy ecosystem approach allows the company to design antenna systems optimised for a variety of applications including the Connected Car, Internet of Things IoT, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles, and litoral maritime. Satixfy antenna terminals support GEO, LEO, and MEO orbits, supporting multi-beam, MIMO architecture. STEP Electronics is the authorised distributor for Satixfy in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.
  • Novelsat

    Novelsat is a leading provider of cutting-edge satellite communication solutions, specialising in the development of innovative modulation and waveform technologies. With a focus on maximizing spectral efficiency and optimising bandwidth utilisation, Novelsat offers a range of solutions tailored to meet the demands of various industries, including broadcasting, defense, government, and telecommunications. Their advanced satellite modems, demodulators, and optimisation tools enable organizations to achieve higher data rates, increased reliability, and improved performance in satellite communication networks. Renowned for their commitment to excellence, Novelsat continues to drive advancements in satellite communication technology, empowering customers to meet the challenges of today’s interconnected world.
  • Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)

    The Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is an Australian government agency within the Department of Defence. It is responsible for providing science and technology support to enhance the country’s defense capabilities. DSTG conducts research and development in various fields, including cybersecurity, weapons systems, aerospace, and human performance, to deliver innovative solutions and strategic advantages for the Australian Defence Force. The organization collaborates with industry, academia, and international partners to ensure cutting-edge technological advancements and maintain national security.
  • Luso Electronic Products Ltd

    Luso Electronic Products Ltd is a reputable distributor and manufacturer of electronic components and systems, serving industries such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and industrial automation. Established in 1967, Luso has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality products and reliable service to its customers. With a diverse product portfolio ranging from semiconductors and passive components to power supplies and custom solutions, Luso Electronic Products Ltd offers comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of various applications. Renowned for their technical expertise, customer support, and commitment to excellence, Luso continues to be a trusted partner for electronic component sourcing and distribution.
  • Work Microwave

    WORK Microwave has been a leading developer and manufacturer of RF electronics technologies and products. Known for its quality products, customized solutions, reliability, and world-class customer service, WORK Microwave sets the industry benchmark for innovation in microwave and digital signal processing technologies. All of the company’s products are developed and produced in-house, leading to an unrivalled response time to customer needs.
  • Novella SatComs

    Novella Satcoms was formed in 1997 and is now an established supplier of high performance RF equipment and solutions for satellite earth stations and CATV systems. Products include synthesised frequency converters, block converters, beacon tracking receivers, uplink power controllers, redundancy systems and other bespoke RF solutions. Novella products are developed and produced in-house, leading to an unrivalled response time to customer needs.
  • Geoscience Australia

    Geoscience Australia is an Australian government agency that provides geoscientific information and expertise to support the nation’s economic, social, and environmental interests. It conducts geological mapping, mineral exploration, earthquake monitoring, and environmental management. The agency also offers data and insights for natural disaster response, land use planning, and resource management, helping to inform policy and decision-making at various governmental levels.
  • Terrasat Communications, Inc.

    Terrasat Communications, a privately-owned US company, has been manufacturing microwave & satellite RF equipment since 1994. Terrasat produces the most innovative BUCs on the market; the IBUC–the Intelligent BUC. Unlike the typical BUC, the IBUC includes multiple sensors and a powerful micro-processor for performance improvement & feature enhancements. All IBUC models include a web interface for extensive Management & Control and are SNMP-compliant for easy interface with any NMS. STEP Electronics is the authorised distributor for Terrasat in Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.