Av-Comm Intelsat Partnership Agreement

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Intelsat Professional Services Partner

Av-Comm appointed Intelsat Professional Services Partner

Av-Comm is proud to announce that it has been appointed as Intelsat’s Professional Services Partner for the Asia Pacific Region after a competitive, invitation-only tender process. Av-Comm’s appointment as Intelsat’s Professional Services Partner offers Intelsat’s customers primary access to Av-Comm’s expert team of field engineering services, support and troubleshooting and exclusive network management and monitoring tools.

With its long-standing industry reputation and professional relationship with Intelsat and its customers, Av-Comm is proud to have been recognised as one of the Intelsat’s preferred suppliers for the establishment, operation and maintenance of satellite ground stations and terminals.

“We are humbled to be formally recognised by Intelsat as the leading provider of satellite communications ground segment services,” said Michael Cratt, Av-Comm’s Managing Director.

“Av-Comm’s appointment is the result of the company’s commitment to developing a culture of continuous learning and skill development, and is testament to our team’s position at the leading edge of the satellite communications industry.”

Av-Comm would like to thank Intelsat for the appointment as their Professional Services Partner in the Asia Pacific Region. Av-Comm looks forward to working with Intelsat to leverage the latest in satellite communications and ground segment technology to provide their customers with efficient, robust, and ubiquitous connectivity solutions.