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Indo-Pacific Space and Earth Conference

Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference

This week our CEO, Michael Cratt attended the Indo-Pacific Space & Earth Conference (IPSEC 2023) in Perth. The key objective of IPSEC was to “Bring together leaders from across the Indo-Pacific and beyond for opportunites in space and cross-sector technologies and innovation”. IPSEC marked an important milestone in fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among industry leaders. The event’s interactive sessions, workshops, and discussions offered invaluable insights into the rapid advancements in cross-sector space and Earth technologies.

Michael was on a panel discussing the future of space and defence, joined by David Ball of Lockheed Martin, Joel Nevin of Blacktree Technology and Melissa de Zwart Professor of Space Law, Policy and Governance at the University of Adelaide, and the chair and moderator was Gary Hale CSO and Director, Defence and Space at Curtin University. We look forward to Av-Comm maintaining a strong presence in this event in years to come.