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Av-Comm completes the first stage of the University of the South Pacific’s satellite network upgrade

Av-Comm completes the first stage of the University of the South Pacific’s satellite network upgrade

Av-Comm is proud to have worked in partnership with in-country engineering and telecommunications specialists to begin the upgrade of The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) existing ICT network.

Av-Comm were initially engaged by USP to future-proof their existing hub in Suva, Fiji by upgrading it with a 7.6m C band satellite dish. The project’s objective was to connect UPS’s network of 14 campuses throughout the South Pacific region to ensure the University’s significant research projects and teaching initiatives could benefit from the collaboration and convergence of a number of different academic specialities, across countries and cultures. The security of the network was central to the success of the project, with the implementation of private research and video conferencing links to ensure that projects spanning such distances and countries could be sustained safely.

Amidst the evolving COVID-19 Pandemic situation, with travel restrictions in place between Australia and many of the Pacific Islands, Av-Comm was able to take advantage of its wide network of engineering partners throughout the Pacific region to complete the civil works and the foundations for the satellite ground station.

“In this time of COVID when academics and students, can’t meet face to face, when industry leaders and university researchers can’t collaborate in person because of the risk of the virus and because of travel restrictions, I am proud that the Av-Comm team has been able to support those minds who are doing the essential research that will lead us out of this crisis and those we will face in the future,” said Michael Cratt, Managing Director of Av-Comm. “I am especially proud of our Australian team of engineers working so collaboratively with the local, Fijian engineers to make this project the success it has been so far. It’s a great show of teamwork, and a demonstration of how our Pacific region can work together through times of crisis.”

Av-Comm would like to thank the Fijian High Commission, the Business Process Outsourcing Council of Fiji, and all of the local, Fijian businesses that have supported and will continue to support Av-Comm’s project teams to realise the commissioning of this essential communications infrastructure that will support students, academics and researchers well into the future.

About Av-Comm

Av-Comm is an Australian satellite communications infrastructure and services provider established in 1981. Av-Comm actively serves the broadcast, enterprise, and government satellite communication markets with active projects and services in six countries. Av-Comm also provides the satellite communications market with innovative and value driven equipment solutions used in the satellite communications industry globally.

Picture Credits: USP Strategic Partnerships, Advancement and Communications (SPAC) office