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Av-Comm Wins Strategic Contract to Provide Satellite Communication technology design and supply to DFAT

Av-Comm Wins Strategic Contract to Provide Satellite Communication technology design and supply to DFAT

Av-Comm Satellite Communication Infrastructure division has been awarded a multi-year panel contract by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in support of their satellite communication network.

Av-Comm was jointly awarded the satellite support contract following a competitive tender process involving several respondents, including many of Av-Comm’s much larger competitors.

The contract is a significant milestone for Av-Comm who has evolved in to be a leading supplier of satellite communications solutions and equipment in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

The contract opens up many new opportunities for Av-Comm and affirms Av-Comm’s ability to successfully leverage its satellite communications knowledge and technical resources to provide value for an increasing number of Australian Government and non-Government organisations.

About Av-Comm

Av-Comm is an Australia-based satellite communications infrastructure and services provider established for over 35 years. Av-Comm actively serves the broadcast, enterprise, and government satellite communication markets with active projects and services in six countries. Av-Comm also provides the satellite communications market with innovative and value driven equipment solutions used in the satellite communications industry globally.

About the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The department’s purpose is to make Australia stronger, safer and more prosperous by promoting and protecting our interests internationally and contributing to global stability and economic growth, specifically in the Indo–Pacific region.

The department provides foreign, trade and development policy advice to the Government. It works with other government agencies to ensure that Australia’s pursuit of its global, regional and bilateral interests is coordinated effectively.

DFAT is the lead agency managing Australia’s international presence. It manages a network of over 100 overseas posts in five continents and has 6,264 staff located in Canberra, state and territory offices and overseas posts.

DFAT officers are highly skilled at their work which includes developing and implementing foreign, trade and development policy, negotiating international agreements, delivering an effective aid program, and providing high quality consular assistance. This business is often conducted in one of the 29 foreign languages in which DFAT staff are proficient.

(Source – http://dfat.gov.au/about-us/department/Pages/what-we-do.aspx)


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