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Av-Comm to Supply Advanced High Power Ku Band Solid State Amplifiers and Network Management System to leading Australian Public Broadcaster


Sydney Australia, 2 May 2017

Av-Comm is proud to announce that it has signed a $2 million contract to supply, install, and maintain up to 28 high-power Ku Band Solid State Amplifiers and complimentary Network Management System for a leading Australian public broadcaster.

Av-Comm will deploy Agilis Satcom’s 150W-250W GaN advanced high power Ku band solid state amplifiers to augment and upgrade the broadcaster’s existing satellite communications infrastructure to support future operational and market demands.

Additionally, Av-Comm will integrate and maintain the Agilis Real Time Adviser Network Management System for a period of at least five years. The Agilis Real Time Adviser will provide a centralised web-based monitoring and control interface allowing seamless visibility of the broadcaster’s entire satellite uplink and downlink chains including integrated spectrum analysers to prevent co-illumination of satellite slot capacity.

“We are excited that our customer has chosen us to take a leading role in their future requirements and to provide ongoing operation and maintenance services. We have worked with this customer for many years and believe this contract demonstrates our capability of delivering value driven service,” said Michael Cratt, Managing Director of Av-Comm Pty Ltd.