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Av-Comm Appointed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Technical Satellite Service Delivery Panel

Av-Comm is proud to announce that it has been appointed to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s prestigious technical satellite service experts panel. The panel is designed to provide the ABC with access to pre-approved and vetted expertise relating to the supply of satellite communications equipment, installation services, commissioning, decommissioning, and maintenance services at the ABC’s global network of satellite earth stations and broadcast facilities.

Av-Comm was appointed to the ABC’s satellite experts panel through a competitive tender process whereby companies were invited to provide evidence of their satellite communication experience combined with their competitive technical product and solution offering.

Av-Comm is pleased to be appointed to the ABC’s satellite experts panel having worked with the organisation for over a decade. Av-Comm’s Technical Director Garry Cratt said, “the appointment of Av-Comm to the panel is the result of the company’s commitment to developing a culture of continuous learning and skill development. This commitment has afforded Av-Comm the knowledge to maintain itself at the leading edge of the satellite communication industry.”

Av-Comm would like to thank the ABC for the appointment to the panel and looks forward to working together to ensure the ABC continues to leverage technology to provide ubiquitous access to the ABC’s services throughout Australia and regionally.