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Providing internet connectivity at the APEC Leaders Summit 2018

Av-Comm provides internet connectivity for foreign dignitaries and major media outlets for 2018 APEC Leaders Summit

In November 2018, Av-Comm sent a team to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea to provide a secure satellite communications link for the delegates and media attending the 2018 APEC Leaders Summit.

During the APEC Leaders Week, over 15,000 official delegates, their security teams, and the world’s media descended on Port Moresby to attend the schedule of over 180 official meetings and events during the Summit. In attendance were leaders from around the world, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Vice President of the United States Mike Pence.

To manage the huge influx of visitors, many of the delegates and media were accommodated on 3 Australian cruise ships that stationed themselves in Port Moresby Harbour, and all required temporary secure satellite communications links.

The Av-Comm team deployed one of our portable C Band Uplink Flyaway systems to Port Moresby to provide broadcasters, media, and delegates with a reliable and secure internet connection. We setup our C Band Flyaway system on the dock next to one of the cruise ships providing a 50/50Mbps satellite link, supported by Av-Comm’s teleport in Sydney.

We’re proud to have supported the continued access and connectivity of remote places in the Asia-Pacific region to the internet, and of our ongoing, trusted relationship with major broadcasters and government partners during the APEC 2018 Leaders Summit.


Av-Comm’s rapid-deploy connectivity solutions

With our own C Band Uplink Flyaway system, our staff are able to rapidly deploy to locations throughout the Asia Pacific to assist with major events and natural disasters as and when they happen, and for any length of time. Av-Comm staff hold APEC Business Travel Cards and are available for deployment to facilitate links and coordinate projects at short notice.

As a long-time, trusted partner of major Australian and international broadcasters and Government agencies for sensitive and high-pressure projects, Av-Comm prides itself on maintaining its reputation as a quality-assured service provider.