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Terrasat C-Band IBUC 2e 10W

The Terrasat C-Band IBUC 2e (10W) is a compact integrated BUC/GaAs SSPA designed for high performance and reliability. The IBUC 2e is an efficient low power consumption model and draws less power from the modem ODU power supply than the IBUC 2. The IBUC 2e Block Upconverter is based on Linear GaAs Amplifier technology which requires minimal power output backoff. Auto ranging DC input power is supplied via the IFL coaxial cable.The Terrasat C-Band IBUC 2e’s 24-48-hour environmental chamber testing guarantees P1 db output power over frequency and temperature change. The durable and compact block Upconverters Multiple sensors and new, high capacity micro-processor provide tools to optimize terminal performance. The IBUC 2e is a popular choice for medium-high power Satcom terminals in telecom, defence, air traffic control, government and other demanding network applications.