Defence Capabilities

Av-Comm prides itself on being innovative, resourceful, reliable and capable whilst collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders. Av-Comm is involved in the following segments: Defence, Government, Universities, Astronomy, Civilian Space, Broadcast, Media and Telecommunications.
Enhancing Defence capabilities by introducing innovative SATCOMs technologies

Our Defence Key Capabilities

Antenna Systems and SATCOM Hardware

Design, assembly, and construction of antenna systems.

SATCOM hardware manufacturing, including the Cassowary, Australia’s first Sovereign Satellite Ground Station.

Carbon fibre reflectors supporting multiple frequency bands (L, S, X, C, Ku, Ka)

Elimination of the key-hole effect with X over Y geometry.

Field Services and Maintenance

Comprehensive SATCOM field services.

Maintenance and sustainment of gateways and SATCOM milspec equipment.

Reuse, upgrade, and redeploy assets to minimise environmental waste.

Utilisation electric vehicles and the use solar power to generate energy.

Project Management Methodology

Project management discipline for SATCOM and antenna ground station projects.

Systems engineering.

Collaboration with industry, academia, space agencies, and satellite ground station operators.

Development of tailored solutions for clients.

Airtime and Photogrammetry

Provision of private airtime services.

Photogrammetry services for various applications.

Support for multiple orbits (low-earth, mid-earth, geostationary) to maximise ground station capability.

Community support, including providing goods to Pacific neighbours after natural disasters.

Quality Accreditations and Awards
ISO Certifications

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO4501:2015 Safety Management System, ISO 1401:2015 Environmental Management System

Defence Awards

Finalist for Lifetime Achievement Award, 2022

Finalist for Defence Business of the Year, 2023 & 2024

Finalist for Executive of the Year, 2023

Finalist for Business of the Year, SME 2024

DISP Membership

Cleared workforce – Security Policies and Procedures aligned with Defence Security Principles Framework.

Proud supporters of Veterans’ employment program


ADIESA provides targeted engagement between Industry and Defence to deliver enhanced capability.

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