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RFU 2&4 completion!

With the completion of RFU 2&4 of the SouthPAN Global Positioning upgrade project.

The project, which included geotechnical surveys, detailed design of foundation works, and the construction of RF Equipment Shelters, aimed to ensure the stability of antenna systems while meeting local standards and environmental requirements.

Our field team worked tirelessly, overcoming the full range of environmental conditions that Invercargill could present.

The highlight of the project is the installation of two Hi-wind 11m C band antennas. These antennas will facilitate the uplink of crucial GPS correction information, significantly enhancing GPS accuracy in the region.

Moreover, the project included the design and supply of uplink RF chain equipment to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The SouthPAN project continues to stand as a testament to successful collaboration, innovative design, and meticulous execution.