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Intelsat 18 Installation – ABC International

In January 2015, Av-Comm completed an Intelsat 18 Installation for ABC International,the installation of a Suman 3.7m Receive Only C Band dish at the ABC’s Ultimo office. The dish provides reception of Intelsat 18 C Band and allows the ABC to monitor their international Television service Australia Plus.

Suman’s 3.7m C Band Satellite Dish provided an ideal solution for the ABC’s Intelsat 18 requirement because of the dishes high performance precision formed reflector panels and hot dip galvanised steel hub and supporting structure.The dish was fitted with Av-Comm’s 2 Port Circular Polarisation Kit to allow simultaneous reception of Right Hand Circular Polarisation (RHCP and Left Hand Circular Polarisation (LHCP). The use of Av-Comm’s Circular Polarisation Feedhorn provided the ABC with an improvement of 2.5dB in Carrier to Noise (C/N) when compared to the use of a dielectric plate for circular polarisation reception.

Av-Comm has recently become the Australian distributor for Suman dishes and now stocks most TVRO and VSAT antenna ranging in size from 1.2m to 4.5m at their Sydney office. For a catalogue containing the full range of Suman dish or for a quotation email Michael at

ABC Intelsat 18 Installation