In-room Entertainment Systems for Iglu Student Accommodation

During the 2017/2018 university holidays, the Av-Comm team were busy coordinating large-scale in-room entertainment system roll-outs for Iglu Student Accommodation. Av-Comm was first approached by Iglu in 2015 as the AV systems integrator for their new student accommodation sites in Sydney and Melbourne. Iglu had a very specific vision for the high level of service they hoped to offer their customers and were looking for a technical project team to carry that vision through from concept to delivery.

On a very strict and tight schedule, Av-Comm’s project management and installation teams installed a full-service in-room entertainment system offering IPTV, Foxtel and on-demand in-room movie streaming; all common area AV systems such as touchscreen projectors and a cinema room; and, all network infrastructure for wireless internet connectivity and connected building facilities such as doors, phones, intercom and security CCTV.

Bookended by the Iglu construction site’s Christmas and New Year closure period and the urgency of housing thousands of students in February, our 6-person project team were able to overcome the considerable challenges that the work sites and time constraints posed and successfully commission 500 televisions across 5 Iglu locations in 3 cities. Thanks to our reliable network of suppliers and in-house technicians, we were able to ensure all stock was ready and staff were available immediately after the holiday period. Our teams worked alongside other work teams on Iglu’s construction sites prior to handover, working within the builder’s frameworks.

Av-Comm is proud to provide ongoing maintenance and support for all Iglu properties. Our teams now service in excess of 6000 beds across the Iglu properties in Australia. With the scope to support customers across the AV and network integration, and provide ongoing maintenance and support, Av-Comm looks forward to continuing our relationship with Iglu as they strive to provide a suite of best in class student accommodation products around the country.


In-room entertainment solutions

There is a growing demand for full-service student accommodation near major universities across the country and Av-Comm offers technical and project support to developers and accommodation providers hoping to realise the vision they have for their brands.

With a rich network of consultants, an in-house team of technicians, and a wealth of industry knowledge and experience about what the end-user values, Av-Comm offers our customers a consolidated solution for their AV and networking needs. Av-Comm has the scope to support developers across all levels of AV integration and we pride ourselves on working to ensure long-term relationships of maintenance and support with our customers, far beyond the project’s completion date.

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