C band Project

C Band International Television Project – Iglu

In January 2014 Av Comm completed a C Band international television project on behalf of Iglu located in Chatswood, Sydney. Iglu are the leading provider of student accommodation with their properties typically located within walking distance to universities, colleges, shopping, cafes, and public transport interchanges.

Iglu engaged Av Comm to design, supply, and install a TVRO solution to provide reception of international broadcasts from a variety of countries throughout the Asian and Oceania region. Av Comm’s solution was installation of 2 x Suman 2.4m Satellite Dishes to be aligned to Chinasat 6B and Intelsat 19 satellites. The two dishes would then input with 12 satellite receivers and digital modulators to provide a total of 12 free to air (FTA) channels articulated throughout the buildings existing Master Antenna Television (MATV) system.

The project presented several challenges the most pressing of which was the limited roof space available for the dishes. Av Comm came up with an innovative solution to utilise the available space via the use of cassegrian style 2.4m satellite dishes. Av Comm recent partnership with Suman Antenna Company provided ideal opportunity to deploy their Suman 2.4m Satellite Dish utilising cassegrian feed technology. The cassegrian style feed assembly was ideal for this project as it offered several advantages including performance but ultimately it was the superior safety aspects afforded during construction and for future maintenance.

Av Comm successfully executed the project successfully with the project schedule and budget, meeting all stakeholder expectations. Av Comm looks forward to working with Iglu on the their next student accommodation project in Brisbane in Q4 2015.

C Band International TV Project – Iglu