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NBN Ka Band Testing for ViaSat

Av-Comm engineers installing Dish 1 of 4

The NBN Network Terminal Devices installed in Av-Comm’s equipment racks

All four dishes installed at Av-Comm’s teleport and communicating with the NBN’s first Ka Band satellite: Sky Muster

In our first week of 2016 Av-Comm’s technicians installed and commissioned four of the first Ka Band satellite broadband terminals operating on the recently launched Sky Muster Satellite. The Ka Band terminals are being installed to test and verify the NBN satellite service’s performance and to develop industry best practice processes for the approximately 200,000 terminals that will be ultimately installed around Australia. The Ka Band terminals utilise 80cm satellite dishes that use transmit receive integrated assemblies to transmit and receive data from the NBN satellites.

The NBN’s satellite broadband service will be provided by two dedicated satellites the first of which is called Sky Muster and was launched in 2015, the second satellite will be launched later in 2016. The NBN’s satellite service will provide fast, reliable internet to customers living in remote areas of Australia with speeds of up to 25 Mbps of download and 5 Mbps of upload capability.

The NBN’s satellite broadcast solution is being provided by Viasat, a US based company who developed some of the first commercial high throughput (HTS) satellite technology and who operate two Ka Band HTS satellites over the US.