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ESPN 2 Lands in the Solomon Islands

Av-Comm has signed a distribution agreement with ESPN to deliver the ESPN 2 channel via satellite to Telekom Television in the Solomon Islands. The agreement sees ESPN 2 uplinked in High Definition via Av-Comm Pacific Content Delivery Platform hosted on Intelsat 805’s C Band satellite payload.

The agreement is an important milestone for for ESPN as in the past ESPN 2 was only available to broadcasters via a limited distribution architecture utilising direct fiber optic connection. The agreement opens up any broadcasters or cruise ship operators operating under Intelsat 805’s satellite footprint to access the channel in High Definition via Av-Comm’s Pacific Content Delivery Platform.

ESPN 2 includes coverage of Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR, Poker, Billiards, Lumberjacking, Extreme Sports, and Drum and Bugle Corps. (Reference –