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Av-Comm Exhibition at Land Forces

7 October 2022

Av-Comm had an absolute blast at the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane this week! Land Forces is our region’s premier international Land Defence Exposition, attracting more than 700 Australian and international companies. It is the largest event of its kind in the region.

Av-Comm’s Managing Director Michael Cratt and strategic advisor Jeremy Hallett attended the event. As defence systems become increasingly connected, there is growing demand for sovereign satcom capabilities, such as Av-Comm’s ground stations. Michael and Jeremy noted a significant uptick in interest for Av-Comm’s Cassowary Satellite Ground Station. The Cassowary has recently been developed by Av-Comm to fill a market gap for multi-band sovereign manufactured satellite ground systems which can support the growing variety of satellite constellations orbiting in low-earth, mid-earth, and geostationary orbits.